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Below are some additional paintings soon to be added into a coming figurative section.
They will be in larger format there, the website is undergoing revisions.

Sempiternal Venus
The reference photo for this painting was taken by JP of Freeform Studios


Artist's Wife ___Hypnogogic Guide

On the Left is a painting of my wife when we were first going out more than 30 years ago.

On the Right is a painting named "Hypnogogic Guide"
The model is Chicago Gallery owner Veronica of Gallery Provocateur



Additional Work

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Former Billboard Murals

Bio and Statement



"Holiday In The Snow"
Painting in oil for The 2010 HITS-on-the-Hudson Equestrian Art Exhibition & Auction

Holiday In The Snow Horses

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Examples of my work can be seen at the Fletcher Gallery in Woodstock, NY (845) 679-4411 and also
the Varga Gallery Woodstock, NY (845) 679-4005

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For 30+ Years of my Artistic life, I have been a professional Outdoor Muralist.
The hand painted image above is a good example of my work in that field.
The image face is about two stories high and certainly longer than the average house.
I continue to design these to this day, however machines now produce the images instead of an Artist.


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